Sensitive Machines


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released June 27, 2014

Recorded at Westfall Recording Company in Long Island, New York
Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering by Anthony Rega and Nicholas Starrantino
Written by Inquiry



all rights reserved


INQUIRY Richmond, Virginia


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Track Name: Lively
Let me inside your headaches
I will pour inside your wounds
Everything you'll ever need
Somber be a stranger
I cannot promise anything with
Two able bodies volumizing

The days you feel like dying
or far away from your body
Heart turns to manic
So I'll act accordingly

Keep your momentum
The force of clarity
If you doubt yourself look back at me

Pressing our lips onto history
Sweet release of all our senses.
I still love your words
When your mind disagrees

Like nails inside a coffin
What to give but definition
sweet reminders that we exist
and I am yours

No disease or disaster can take you away
You are quintessential whispers
Syncopated eloquence
Comely, delicately placed on mount venus
A blooming body imperfection to the world
Track Name: Savages
Look at all the headless children
Breathing and swimming in anxiety
Flying under the radar while dancing in the dark
Only to ever become

Lost, winding, silent dreamers
Odysseys tugging at our shirt tails.
Phasing chances piece by piece while tearing down their rooms
How can we live peacefully if we detach the youth?

Beautiful and lined with silver
Holding on to this
Buried with half hardened heads
They automatically believe
They live for worlds they'll never see
Slowly spinning falling from safety
Longing for the sun

Still frozen only to believe
that life is just a right
And this is all
All we'll ever be.
Phasing chances piece by piece while tearing down their rooms
How can we live peacefully if we detach the youth?

They'll have everything that we've built towards
all of our sins
all of our wars
and I am scared
Just to know that
The dead are the dead and they are dead from the start.

(Dont you know it's all of our faults
Dont you blame any of them at all)

Phasing chances piece by piece while tearing down their rooms
How can we live peacefully if we detach the youth?
But we do anyways
cause we are caught up with our lives
This time we'll find away
to change it all and make it right
Track Name: The Family Canvas
Blessed angry bones
Armored with riches
Rakishly suave with half-assed intentions
(Like kisses with open eyes)
Moral lenses shade trophy scars
Sleeping under houses
(We never built to die in.)

Misery is an understatement
Pity spouts a lifestyle
Where smiles become an act
And love is dead.

Scratching at your throat for air
How can you relieve what never seemed easy?

Coward, slack your pretty face
Inside your pity sheets of all your dismay
Against the tide of every day
Singing symphonies in your sleep.
(Patience, tactician.
Lies; repetition.
This act you won't repeat.)

Gamble success; in love with your sins
Romancing all the fools.
Hush that noise that you call a voice;
Walker amongst the wolves.
As sleeping dogs lie perfect in slumber
Know all the things you do.
Sorry's unbecoming, I'll tear you apart.

and I am so angry at how quality
Is weathered so by the
Pathologic quality of modern norms.
Track Name: Dead Eyes
This is how we go;
Detrimental to our sense of infatuation with a home.

They try hold you to your life when you leave one behind;
Making sense in this frame of mind;
I couldn't speak of such a thing
whats it feel like

Just let go.
It didn't mean
It didn't mean a thing

I couldn't see past the vacant minds
Sugar coated fear keeps your chest held tight
We've reached out to these red lights
That we've heard so many times
so many times.

Losing touch;
I'll reciprocate.
Exchanging lives before our eyes.
The longer days and the terrible, terrible nights.

and I guess I'll be okay, before the devil even know yours dead. everything
will be in its right place. It is the souls pure anarchy against reality
my dear

these are the actions that we never planned against
subsequencial lies with a lack of all precedence
impressional fear inside velveteen chemistry
undeclared vanishing point of our veins
Track Name: (Con)sequence
As I speak right now
My vessel here is dying
Overbearing, beaten
Heavy hitting, a glass half-full.
Contradicting truth, running scared beneath the skin.
Unconditionally fighting and clinging onto life.

Is it love?
Maybe attention or satisfaction swinging
In the forces of nature.
Why was I waiting for the seasons to change
When I've been changing all along?

Manifest consequence;
I am the world's best try
Speak easy; flesh to flesh.
I am a sensitive machine.

Incredibly blind and extremely close
I fell apart in fragile arms;
In sorry excuses for hands
Exfoliated, I carried on.

Not only through blood
But through brothers, sisters,
and lovers that I have formed
Piecing together a mindset of madness
Immovable only to fall apart

This condition; I'm prone
Sink into constant counterparts
To safely know
This condition, I'm prone
To this lovely disease.
We are all
I'm a sensitive machine.