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vmag Very cool album. I enjoyed listening to it! Keep up the good work. Favorite track: Eyes Like Yours.
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released April 30, 2016

Recorded at Earlygrayce Studios in Louisville, Kentucky
Engineering, mixing, mastering, additional guitars, and produced by Jordan Haynes
All Songs written by INQUIRY



all rights reserved


INQUIRY Richmond, Virginia


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Track Name: Wretched Like Me
Underneath the gun again, we are jumping ship.
Pray for acceptance or wait for days to hold
our heightened self importance.
So call it what it is, call us what we are;
Hopeless,Fearing the inevitable and pulling our bedside manners to the grave.
Foolishly claim: "we are all alive."

Pray for the living but they won't listen.
Dream for the dead and everything they have left.

Sleep beside yourself so the pressure of loving something
Lulls you to the melody of our history's replay.
Keep your distance and learn to take it for granted.

Constant exploration; someday we'll die young.

Foundation only covers up but so much.
Death and decay always finds it way.
Why do we exist, leaving no trace, but a clue.
Leave everything behind to exist alone.
(I always find you.)

Dangerously we think too little or nothing of ourselves
How did we make time an enemy?

The white noise eats away at our bones.
As the needle spins and the IV drips,
gloom consumes the room, is this how we all give in?
Track Name: Hindsight
We fall in blue and greens, haunting and colorful with unspeakable intentions. The projections and warmth of memory whispers return to me. Keep me in place. Anxiety discovers it's surroundings. Innocent and insane, are we the ones to blame?

So what's the reason we're not buried inside the earth? Do we hold purpose yet again? Is this a joke for all the sins we have never atoned, or retrace the steps once placed before? Could we play god with all the lights turned on?

This is a kindness, whatever will be of death are we reprieved.

We don't deserve to be taken so lightly, Put everyone above ourselves.
Could you walk away and watch it all burn? Clairvoyance spindles inside that we could rewrite our history.

Of all the blood and tears that have gone unnoticed,
Persuade and evaluate your credibility. Could you withstand a demand to feel grace vignette? So you won't know fear inside your heart?

Remember,remember imitation is suicide. Compose yourself. Brace for the future and slowly erase what you love, replace the ending. Forgive or forget nothing.

The pressure's on and cutting deep. How much is our humanity? Sell the weight in irony, cutting up these silhouettes leaves a man without a trace. Would you know it if you saw me?
Track Name: ...And God Created Whales
Are we part of a plan or are we ex-creations of man? Facing the days that we will, we'll never know.

Two letters, whole words; Quit being a moth to a flame. Sun bleached with regrets. Why can't you accept what we can never change;
You're hit with all we've lost.

Getting sharper, don't forget your sense of sensibility. If not, I know something you don't know.

There can only be one, no matter the paradox. And if you're living proof of all things you do, so show them what you're made of!

But there you go...Against all intuition, stained in white radiance. So confident your sins won't bleed right through. Trouble always finds you as you fade away. God damn you, reap your deeds.

Accessibly obsessive in the way we treat the light. Sweet as rain tied to inconvenient truths of believing in everything but ourselves, looking better on paper than through our eyes; We shed that artificial glow. What happened to volition when we've destroyed conviction?

A fate I'd love to sell. Removing fear in sentences. We're never fully here. Dear God, I'll miss the scent of your disillusion sentiment
Displace me from society. Replace me in everything we've worked towards. It's never truly yours, but maybe? Our beautiful chemistry won't come to an end. But these thoughts, all but failing they consist and depend on sacrifice and sacrilege as thieves we do pretend to take these things for granted To regret through lifetimes spent alone.
Track Name: Sleep Well
Still, you wade the jealous seas, sink or swim. Compel me to see the parts of life we thought we missed, but to never look away.

Do you even know what you have my friend, my love? I feel so responsible for all that you've become.

Silence fills the room. I thought I was past this. I dare not form a silent story, but the future is haunting me.

Just because I'm not there doesn't mean you daydream life away, but what if this had meaning to me?
Track Name: Chiaroscuro
If we're 10 to 2, then how did we become so blind? Always creating an issue with nothing left to lose. Dancing around each letter to a word.
Carving our names in a spineless accord. While we sleep, wide awake, when we can't stand ourselves. All of our decency fleeting from the world.
I bite my tongue whether I'm right or wrong. We're melting our words. Decorative and cordial advances have become a commodity. Are we listening
or simply hearing each other out? Let's not hang on the edge where we shouldn't be. Feeling everything and nothing, but it's always something.
Comatose, smitten with a flick of a wrist; We've become careful and wise. Sweet talking skeletons let's do what we do best.
Hesitating, overthinking, complicating everything we don't understand. You keep believing what's done is done, but it doesn't have to be this way.
Flesh and bone fighting for the last damn word. Well, what is it worth? Cloak, dagger, and stagger nothing will materialize.
This can't be absolute. Loose compositions, no resolution; We're just talking material.
Track Name: The Sunset Arms
Decide: A second take or concept life? Don't focus, just relax; Digress from common sense; make my faith a lie.

Odd how days have no end with a head set to replay. Losing sleep over repetition, the reason for the blame.

Never shown in the same sick intention. This isn't what we choose. Sink in the sound for the sole intention of never loving, never loving you.

Automatic report: a problematic issue of two devices persisting. They decided we left and open ended ending. They decided that we'll chose.

And we're settling, Leaving pieces of ourselves to stay relevant. Afflicted, tell us that it's all okay, baby? Don't let us slip inside our minds because we talk about how we have no place to call our own. Freeze the frame and wrap us around your shaken frame.

Constantly are we reminded that love intangible can nourish these bohemian bones and claim security. Don't let them tear the scale from your eyes!

I heard that adoration ages well, but for you I couldn't tell. For the here and now, I couldn't see what could be.
So slant your perspective, quit being objective and drop the act. So slant your perspective, quit being objective; Just state the facts.
Track Name: Eyes Like Yours
If all we want is happiness, then why do we play devil's advocate? Pulling our teeth and clawing out our eyes, Why are you so afraid?
Darkly dreaming with hopes seceding.These long nights have built their nest around our...

Troubled eyes rest your mind. Don't bring that war inside your bed. You'll starve your soul until there's nothing left.

We stand on the furthest shore from clearer days. These currents will never translate our words. Affection has turned us into ghosts and by day we parade translucent and vulnerable in need of company. Do you know what you need versus what you want? The loss and infatuation has decomposed our aspirations. How did we allow this to be?
How did we allow ourselves to be?

Capsize and pray for all that we've made. Chances are we're capable of love.

Please remember to be and don't forget to breathe.
For I will love you like a city by the sea: But yes and no it is up to us, without ease, to stay alive. It is up to us to believe, and only then can we feel free.